Punnpann a local brand from Phrae Province

Punnpann is a local brand from Phrae, a province in Northern Thailand. All of products are made from natural material. The majority of the products are clothes, which are the 100% cotton.


Punnpan Products

Thung Hong

The Map Of Thailand

Our most popular product, which we proudly present, is a shirt. This handmade shirt is made of 100% cotton and dyed with natural colors. It is designed and produced by the villagers in the local region of Phrae. Purchasing items from the markets of Phrae is greatly appreciated, because it helps to support the families of the area economically.

Punnpann Shirts

The Legend of Mo Hom
Mo Hom is a language of Lanna, one of the peoples of northern Thailand. “Mo” means dark color and “Hom” means blue, so “Mo Hom” translates to dark blue. This dark blue is a natural color from the herbaceous plant, which the local people from Thung Hong, a district from Phrae, calls “Hom” or Assam Indigo in English. Assam Indigo is a (genus?) of Baphicacanthus cusia Brem, a family of Acanthaceae. It is a wild species of plant, which grows well in the evergreen forest at an elevation of around 1,800m. (Assam Indigo Dye Utilization Status and Wisdoms Conservation of Tai Minorities ; Wichan Eiadthong and Orathai Pholdee)

Assam Indigo Tree

How to use Hom/Assam Indigo:
When can we use Hom/Assam Indigo to dye our clothes? The ideal amount of growth of Assam Indigo that is used to dye our clothes occurs after the plant is 1.8 to 2 years old. We cut its branches and leaves; tie them together, and place it all in a jar filled with water for two nights. The ratio of branches and leaves to water is 3kg./20 liters of water.
After two nights, the leaves will be decayed the proper amount, and we extract them from the jar. Next, we add 200-260 grams of lime into the jar and splash the water to increase the oxygen. At this point, the water will becomes dark-blue color. We then add the lime for sediment and smell. When we filter this water with a cloth, we accomplish three things from this:

1. The upper portion contains dark-blue bubbles:



2. The dark yellow water.


3. The mud portion of the Assam Indigo can be saved for next time we complete the process.


Hom/Assam Indigo Dying Process:
1. Bring the mud Assam Indigo mix with alkaline water (water with ash) and lime in the pot.

The leafs of Assam Indigo which is properly to use.

2. Bring the clothes we will dye, and place them into the water and leave them for two nights. Wash some powder into the clothes.

17353215_1658863977463529_2611465632339594312_nThe technical designed of tied.

73156Washing clothes before dye


3. After two nights, we will dye those clothes by placing them in the pot, and then drying them.
4. Crush and blend them for 10-15 minutes.
5. Repeat the first process 3-4 times to obtain the color we want.

The equipment of wax dying 

Punnpann Products



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