Wat Na Phra Merurachikaram


Wat Na Phra Merurachikaram, the local name Wat Phra Men, PHRA NAKHON SI AYUTTHAYA, an old temple was constructed in the reign of King Rama Thibodi II (r. 1491-1529 *see more http://www.ayutthaya-history.com/Dynasties.html ) the 10th throne of Suwannabhumi Dynasty (2nd reign of Ayutthaya) It was located on the north bank of Khlong Mueng off the city island opposite the Royal Grand Palace.



Map of Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Island


There is a record quoted that Wat Na Phra Meru was renovated during the reign of King Borommakot (r.1733-1758 ) after Ayutthaya  was sacked by Burmese troops, the Burmese King Aloungphaya (r.1752-1760). They was form their fort at Wat Na Phra Meru and fired cannon into the grand palace. Anyway it was unfortunately their cannon burst and could not destroyed Ayutthaya. Then they withdraw their troops back to Tak because of the illness of King Aloungphaya and finally the king gone.

After the  Burmese troops was sacked Ayutthaya, Wat Na Phra Meru was left for more than half a century until  the reign of King Rama III by the mayor Phraya Chai Wichit restored it between 1835 – 1838 . The traditional Ayutthayan style was maintained. He gathered the left-over antiquities which were scattered around the city, so that they could be kept at this monastery. More renovations took place in 1914 and 1957.

Phra Ubosot was built like the early Ayutthaya architectural style. Inside the Ubosot, there are two rows of eight huge columns with lotus cornice supporting the wooden roof structure.  The wooden beams are beautifully carved and the ceiling is adorned with complex wood carving.


The legend of the main Buddha Image in Phra Ubosot of Wat Na Phra Merurachikaram, Phra Buddhanimitwichimara Moli Si Sanphet Borom Trai Lokkanat. It has believed that this Buddha Image could protect Ayutthaya from the enemy.


Phra Buddhanimitwichimara Moli Si Sanphet Borom Trai Lokkanat cast in bronze then lacquered and covered with gold. It’s the largest and most beautiful one of the decorated Buddha Image in the reign of Ayutthaya.


Phra Khandharat is in the small Vihara on the left side of the main Ubosot. It’s the biggest stone Buddha Image in the period of Dvaravati, 1500 year. its height is 5.2 meters and width 1.7 meters. It’s a craved green sand stone Buddha Image. It was recorded that it was imported from Sri Lanka once Phra Ubalee and his Buddhist team went to establish Buddhism in Sri Lanka. The first time it was established at Wat Maha That, a temple in the city isle, and was moved from Wat Maha That to wat Na Phra Meru by Phraya Chaiwichit.


The wood craving on the door of Viharn Sanphet


There is a wood resident behind the main Ubosot, there are interesting Buddha Image which claims that it was built more than 800 year in the Lopburi period. It’s called Phra Buddha Leela.


The other side of wood resident still has a Buddha Image in the period of Ayutthaya more than 500 year is called Luang Pho Khao.


The Buddhist monk resident is Thai style architecture.




The ancient Stupa were located behind the main Ubosot.

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