Seagulls @ Bang Pu; Siberian Temporary Migratory Birds



Bang Pu is a sub district  in Samut Prakan Province. It is located at the mouth of the Chao Phraya River, southward of Bangkok. It is a mangrove swamp along the coast of the gulf of Thailand. There used to be abundance mangrove trees here in the past. It was a popular as a governmental recreation area with resorts and interesting places because it is near Bangkok and has comfortable transportation.

IMG_20180408_141824048The mouth of Chao Phraya River


Bang Pu Recreation AreaMap of Bang Pu Recreation Area

IMG_20180311_173002705_HDRKanchanaphisek Bridge, the southern most bridge over the Chao Phraya River is located in Samut Prakan Province. 

IMG_20180311_153717765Rooftop of Samut Prakan Province and Bangkok views from Kanchanaphisek Bridge

When this area was developed to be an industrial zone the mangrove swamp was replaced by factories. The tanning factories were the worst problem for this recreation area because of pollution – especially the bad smell. Anyway, Bang Pu Recreational Area is still well known for a good restaurant which is organized by Royal Thai Army.

P_20171202_141146The entrance on Bangpu Nature Education Center

The environment impact of industry on the recreation was a hot issue for 3 decades. Eventually the town plan office had managed land-use for rehab on coastal mangrove. They  relocated the factories out to an industrial zone. The mangrove area have been replanted and became green again. So this area became popular again.

Mangrove swamp in the are of Bang Pu Recreation Area

The most popular area for recreation is managed Royal Thai Army. It was built in 1937 on the south of the Sukhumwit Road at km.37.  It is called Bang Pu Recreation Area and is divided into 3 parts, Bang Pu Nature Education Center, Bang Pu Resort among the mangroves and the restaurant that is located in the sea. It was the most popular for teenager before 1975.

P_20171202_142624Nature Education Trail 

IMG_20180311_165804572_HDRWind turbine in front of resort

There is a bridge that stretches into the sea. It is called Sut Ta Bridge. The best time to visit Bang Pu is in November to March. There are some migratory seagulls from Siberia those flee from cold weather in the winter to stay here. The tourist can feed them with fatty pork. By the way you also have to mind some of their poop. 🙂 Besides these seagulls there are about 200 species of local birds in this area. It is one of the heaven of bird watchers In Thailand.


IMG_20180311_161334339Sut Ta Bridge

IMG_20180311_161345998The tourists were feeding these seagulls with fatty pork. It’s the most interesting activity.

It is a very nice place for weekend to have lunch or dinner at the restaurant while watching the seagulls fly and float in the sea. If you would like to picnic you can do it. There is a green mangrove and sea breeze which is suitable for picnics. You can walk on the nature education trails among the mangrove swamp. When the tide recedes you can see mudskippers creep on the mud beach. It is a recreation near Bangkok which I recommend.

P_20171202_142237Mudskipper bathed on the much beach.

IMG_20180311_161417678The east gulf of Sut Ta Bridge

IMG_20180311_162135162The west coast of Sut Ta Bridge




Gulf of Thailand@ Bang Pu Recreation Area

Special thanks for Mr. David L. Ekers


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