The Death Railway beyond The Bridge over the River Kwai

hiwaymapby Natkritta


Last year, October 14th I got a plan to visit Kanchanaburi. I made a decision to go there by train. I have rarely to travel by train, except electric train in Bangkok. I could remember well once I have traveled by train when I worked in a company long times ago. I went to Chaing Mai, a province in Northern Thailand. It was a sleeping train. The company booked  a second class ticket for me. I had not any idea what the second class was. I learnt from that trip. The second class of sleeping train…I had to the sleep on the upper bed on the train. Of course, it was exciting but not impressed me to do it again.

2015-08-10_09-35-31_965Electric Train in Bangkok, BTS

By the way, this traveling was different. It is a legend of the railway since the World War II. I was exciting to track the…

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6 thoughts on “The Death Railway beyond The Bridge over the River Kwai

    1. There are new sleeping trains to Chiang Mai, Hat Yai, Nong Khai, Ubon Ratchathani. These new trains launched last year. By the way, I have never tried them. That’s so nice to go to country side. I love to see some green fields too.😊

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