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KANCHANABURI is a province in the western Thailand. It’s plenty of tourist attraction, nature, culture and history. The one of famous attractive site for the foreigner is The Bridge Over The River Kwai, the memorial of WWII.

This photo is Khwae Noi River.

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4 thoughts on “KANCHANABURI

  1. Mel was in Kanchanaburi many years ago for military service. The outback is tough, dry and sometimes dusty. And it seems like there isn’t much out there! No wonder the railway’s construction caused so many deaths!

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    1. It was an abundance rainforest in the Western of Thailand. Now It is still green. It was a severely area of malaria that cause the death railway. Anyway some parts in the east of the province are semi arid in the dry season. The Airforce Base of Singapore is in the area of Sai YoK District it was a bit dry a few years as I have heard.

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