Suanluang Rama IX…a botanic park in the city



There are many parks in the Bangkok Metropolis. While the way of life of Bangkokians always walk in the huge department stores which are all over the city more than walk in the parks. The Bangkok Metropolitan provides many recreational areas for the inhabitants. There are many well known parks in Bangkok, the Suan Lumphini Park, the Chatuchak Park, the Queen’s Sirikit Park, Park, the Bang Krachao, the Suanluang Rama IX Park. The residents have always done some activities, water sport, exercises, walking, running, bike riding, picnic in these parks.


img_20181126_113735274Suan Lumphini Park, a park in Bangkok Downtown

2015-11-23_14-25-25_822Sala Daeng Junction in front of Lumphini Park

P_20161210_093436.jpgThe clock tower in the Chatuchak Park

P_20161210_093602The Chatuchak Park

P_20161210_084345The Queen’s Sirikit Park

Here I like to talk about the Suanluang Rama IX Park. I have visited this park only 4 times. I live in Bangkok but I have never walked in the parks before.  The first time I visited the Suanlaung Rama IX Park when I stayed a night at my close friend’s house. Her house is near the Suanluang Rama IX Park and she has always walked there in early morning on Saturday. Though we went there in the morning.

I was very appreciated with the landscape  and some flowers in the park. It is a grand park. I noticed that there  many groups of people did their activities, walked, ran, bike riding, aerobics, swordplay, Tai-kek, Yoga. In addition, there are  exercise facilities containing exercising equipment for both children and adults.

P_20161231_124604The biking for water turbine

We walked around the reservoir and took some photos along the path. Anyway I could not explore around the park. So I decided that I will visit again if I have a chance.

2015-12-13_09-36-44_247Walking  in the garden

Then my chance came after a month. It was a king’s birthday, 5th December. My friends who are the teachers in a school in the Phetchaburi Province asked me to guide them and their students to visit the Suanluang Rama IX Park. Of course I suddenly said “yes”.

2015-12-13_09-33-54_579The botanical students’ club and their teachers at the Suanluang Rama IX Park

2015-12-13_09-35-24_146The botanical students’ club at the Suanluang Rama IX Park

My friends and their students were so exciting to walk around the park and took some photos of floras there. While the students were pleasures with selfies. We just walked only some parts of the park because of limiting time. They had to go back to Phetchaburi, about 150 km.

My 3rd times was coming 9 months later. It was a queen’s birthday, 12nd August. When my friends took a new group of their students to the Suanluang Rama IX Park. This time we started walking around the clockwise while the first and the second times we walked counter-clockwise. Each times we entranced from the south gate, gate 5 on the Soi Sri Nagarindra 55. So we had spent more time in the botanic garden.

My fourth time was 31st December 2016  with my friend from Scandinavia. We walked around and spent more 4 hours in the park. There were crowed and everyone selfies everywhere. I think that this time I nearly saw around the park. I just first time saw an artificial waterfall, founded the water garden and have known that there is a sport center in this park.

2015-12-13_09-18-51_674Everyone wants to keep her memorial with the beautiful flowers. SELFIES!

Now let’s wander in the Suanluang Rama IX.

The Suanluang Rama IX is situated outbound in the east of Bangkok. This park is a gift for the King Bhumibol  on the auspicious occasion of his 5th Cycle Birthday Anniversary in 1987. It was participated with private and public donation.

The total area of the park is 200 acres. Its spatial is divided into 6 parts, the Garden of the Great King, the Botanic Garden, the Reservoir (Trapang Kaeo Kep Nam), Romanee Garden, the Water Garden, the Sanam Rasadara abd Sport Center.

SuanluangRamaIXThe map of the Suanluang Rama IX Park, thank you for Google Maps

The Garden of the Great King, it is a water parks and fountains in east most of the park on side of the Chaloem Phra Kiat Ro 9 Road. We can see the Rajamangala Pavilion behind the park from the east gate.

2015-12-13_10-32-17_457The monument of the primitive announcement of the King Rama IX

2015-12-13_10-33-44_121The Fountains in the ponds and the Rajamangala Pavilion

P_20161231_142559The Fountains in the ponds in front of the east gate, the Chaloem Phra Kiat Ro 9 Road

P_20161231_142550The Fountains and the Rajamangala Pavilion

In front of the Pavilion is the Ratchaphruek garden and three ponds with fountains. The pavilion’s interior contains nine mirrored rooms that exhibit various facts of His Majesty’s life, artefacts and background information on projects initiated by the royal family. There is also a meeting room with capacity of  seating 500.

2016-02-21_11-16-14_203The Rajamangala Pavilion

The Botanic Garden,  there are massive collection of plant species. Organized by their taxonomic and ecological settings, the plants are used for research, conservation and education purposes.

2015-08-30_12-37-59_843The Botanic Garden

2016-02-21_09-46-42_802Fern and Orchid Greenhouse

The plants are used for research, conservation and education purposes.

2016-02-21_10-39-55_685Yellow Cosmos Field

2015-12-13_10-56-46_804The Thai numeric no.9, It is the symbolic of the King Rama IX.

2015-08-30_12-27-06_527The Indoor Plants Greenhouse

The Anthurium in the indoor plants greenhouse

P_20161231_145542Yot Pavilion 

The plants in Geodesic Dome

2015-08-30_12-31-49_41The arid plants garden

The Reservoir (Traphang Kep Nam) An initiative of His Majesty, the Reservoir was built to minimize the impact of flooding in Bangkok’s eastern suburbs. Today, the reservoir is popular for water sports. Chai Chon Pavilion, situated on the north bank of the Reservoir, consisting of executive Committee of Suan Luang Rama IX Park Office, a souvenir shop and restaurant.

P_20161231_124848The Chai Phatthana Water Turbine, the invention of the King Rama IX

P_20161231_125348The Reservoir and the Rajamangala Pavilion

2015-12-13_09-18-40_22Marigold Field

2015-12-13_09-25-19_181The teacher and her students were enjoying photography. 

2015-12-13_09-39-49_244Spider flower, prickly spider-flower, pink queen

Romanee Garden,  was designed to resemble natural habitats and environments found throughout upcountry Thailand. Rocks, plants and flowers were taken from difference part of the country and arranged to imitate natural scenes thereby transporting the visitor into the beautiful forests of Thailand. The mountains, waterfalls, and creeks were placed in the center of the garden. And fragrant plants have been planted around  Phut-Chan Pavilion. We can see the commemorative sculpture, depicting the activities of  Her Majesty the Queen on the bank of the Reservior.

2016-02-21_11-21-53_920The sculpture of activities of Her Majesty the Queen

2015-08-30_11-53-26_3The sculpture of activities of Her Majesty the Queen

2015-12-13_09-57-19_996The Rajamangala Pavilion and the sculpture of activities of Her Majesty the Queen

2015-08-30_12-01-58_980The Phut-Chan Pavilion

2015-12-13_10-04-18_619The artificial forest in Thailand


2015-12-13_10-04-28_843The artificial forest in Thailand

2015-12-13_10-05-00_921The artificial forest in Thailand

2015-12-13_09-59-52_678The Plumeria, the fragrant plants.

2015-12-13_09-48-21_142The Petunia field

P_20161231_140632The artificial waterfall

2015-12-13_10-19-49_71The roots of the Banyan Tree looks like the curtains.

2015-12-13_10-18-24_852Amazon Water Lily, Victoria, Royal Water Lily

The Water Garden, was created to resemble a natural ‘Phru’ (bog) habitat and home for aquatic fowl and other aquatic species. It was a royal command from the King Rama IX. Visitors to the garden can study the patterns of its inhabitants and learn about the plants  diversity and their purposes.

P_20161231_130926The water garden

P_20161231_131036The water canna

P_20161231_131925The water garden

P_20161231_131745The water garden

The Sanam Rasdara and Sport Center, there is a musical pavilion and a field for an outdoor stage for various performances. It uses to be the ornamental plants market during the ‘Magnificent Plants those Beautify the Suanluang Rama IX Flowers Festival’ held in early December of every year. The sports center includes a swimming pool and tennis courts.

P_20161231_132652The Sanam Rasadara

P_20161231_134515The musical pavilion 

The International Garden, beyond the six wonderful areas, there are the international gardens in Suanluang Rama IX Park.

The Chinese garden and the Japanese Garden are represented the oriental gardens.


P_20161231_130039The Chinese Garden



2015-08-30_12-17-23_664The Japanese Garden

The Spanish, English, French and Italian Gardens are represented the occidental  gardens.


2015-08-30_12-20-48_24Occidental Gardens

The United States of America is represented by Geodesic dome used for planting drought-resistant plants.


2016-02-21_10-55-57_732The Desert Roses from the Geodesic Dome

2015-08-30_12-33-33_77The arid plants garden

The purpose of establishing the international gardens due to demonstrate the different garden styles of the world. These international gardens were consulted by the ambassadors of these countries in Thailand while were constructed.

Suan Luang Rama IX Park consist of diversity of plant species. including trees, shrubs, climbers, flowering plants, foliage plants, cover crops, wild plants, and introduced plants.
Additionally, specific plant groups can be found in the following garden.

Lotuses and Water lilies garden with 40 species/varieties.

2015-12-13_10-16-28_553Amazon Water Lily, Victoria, Royal Water Lily

The Water Lilies 

Herbals garden with about 200 plus species.

The Railway Creeper 

2016-02-21_10-13-22_271The Butterfly Pea 

2016-02-21_10-21-03_830The Jerusalem Artichoke

2016-02-21_10-23-11_367The Rose

2016-02-21_10-14-30_386The Laurel Clockvine

2016-02-21_10-17-00_393The Garlic Vine

2016-02-21_10-19-31_870The Marigold 

The palms (plants in the family Palmae) of about 70 species

2015-08-30_12-31-49_41The palm garden

The climbers of about 60 species.

2015-12-13_09-43-21_270The Calabash, The Wax Gourd

There are also the coconuts garden with 40 species/varieties, the grasses (plants in the family Gramineae) of about 40 species, the designated plants form all 76 provinces of Thailand.

Thank you for

2015-08-30_11-54-18_159The Spanish Moss

2015-08-30_11-40-57_204The Rajamangala Pavilion

2015-08-30_12-37-30_378The Yot Pavilion

How to visit the Suanluang Rama IX Park! It is very accessibility. We can go there by the BTS, get of at Udom Suk Station. Then take a taxi from the Udom Suk Station about 9.3 km. If the traffic is normal we can take time on the taxi about 10 minutes.

Everyone!!! Who gets a plan to visits Thailand and requires a traveling plans, please send text to me on Contact.  I will give you a traveling plan and a free copy of Tout Thai Hi-Way Map 77 Provinces!!!


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