Suan Lung Chook…The Farm in the City

Bangkok is located on the mouth of the Chao Phraya River. It is a very abundance delta. The central plain of Thailand is suitable for cultivation. The most area of it used to be a green rice field. In the reign of King Rama IV, there was a Treaty of Friendship and Commerce between the British Empire and the Kingdom of Siam. It was a beginning of free trade of Thailand. The rice became the major export product of Thailand. The rice field were extended over the central plain and every parts of Thailand.

504A green paddle field in Kanchanaburi

P_20161225_094045A green paddle field in Nakhon Pathom

P_20161023_154542A green paddle field in Kanchanaburi

Although Bangkok and adjacent area are suitable for cultivation however it is a center of administration. It became the urbanization. Nowadays Bangkok is a metropolitan. It is a center of administration, business, investment, commerce, communication. Bangkok became a big city with perfect infrastructures. There are 10 millions residents in Bangkok. The most area of Bangkok are the business area and residences. Of course the agricultural area are shrink. There are small parts in the Eastern , Southern, Western of Bangkok which are reserved as a green area for cultivation and residence.


The Map of Thailand

figure04_thailand_bThe overview of Spatial Policy in Bangkok and adjacent, Thailand. Thank you the data from:

Bang Khae is a district in the western area of Bangkok. There is a green area which reserved as residence and cultivation. Suksan Community is a modern village in the old farms. However there is an old community of farmers live in the farms behind the village.

SuanLungChookThe Location of Suan Lung Chook, Bang Khae District

The farms is closed with the modern villages. The farmers must travel by boats. There is not the street in these farm. There are only the trails on the edge of their farms. The landlord who is the the owner of the farm of Suan Lung Chook has an intention to sell her land. She announces to sell it with very high price. She could not sell it in a short time. That is good for Lung Chook and his wife. They have invested for this farm for a long time and they will cultivate from it as long as the landlord can’t sell it.

P_20160715_161041They access their farms by boats. 

Suan Lung Chook is a well known farm of Eco-tourism or Agro-tourism. It is a demonstration farm for farmers and tourist. Thai calls the garden or farm as “suan”. Lung Chook is a farmer. Lung is the uncle in Thai. “Suan Lung Chook” means the farm of uncle Chook. He is not the landlord. He has hired this farm from the landlord. He and his wife works in their farms everyday. His wife is Pa Aem. Pa is an aunt in English.

P_20160701_150453Lung Chook and his coconuts

P_20160701_152005Lung Chook and his coconut trees around his farm

120Pa Aem and her guavas 

2015-10-09_14-20-26_158Pa Aem in the pandan and guava field

Everyday in the early morning they cut the pandan’s leafs and tie them together about 10 clumps  for a bundle. Everyday they must cut them 2,000 bundle. They sell the bundle of pandan’s leafes to the wholeseller. They work with pandan’s leafs until 9 o’clock. Then they do others work such as cultivate vegetables, take care of guavas, or everything in their farm. It is a simple life. Their incomes are so good. Their quality of life are quite well. They have done on the ideal of sufficiency economic philosophy of the King Rama IX. That’s inspired me to be a farmer.

2016-01-22_15-21-46_314Their farm with green pandan’s leafs

The major crop which made them money in everyday is pandan. It is a crop that grows well in the shadow. It is used in the decorative bunch of flowers especially in flowers for warships. Its smell is good. Sometimes it used to mix in the Thai Dessert. The most pale green color of Thai Desserts are mixed of pandan’s leafs crunched.

2016-03-07_07-27-53_866A bunch of Flowers for worships, orchid and pandan’s leafs 

P_20161210_152348The Thai Desserts, the green  is mixed with the pandan’s leafs crunched

The pandan is a type of crop that grows well in the shadow so they cultivated the guavas trees and bananas to cover them.


2015-10-02_16-13-40_651The coverage crops, guavas, bananas, mangoes 

They reserve the other part of their farm to cultivate some vegetables. They are the short lives vegetable such as zucchini, cucumber, yardlong bean.

2016-03-18_14-37-16_602Zucchini garden

P_20160701_143751The zucchini, products from Suan Lung Chook

2015-10-30_15-35-23_832Hot Chilies 

2015-11-13_15-36-44_593The water lilies, products from Suan Lung Chook

P_20160708_154920The Papayas, products from Suan Lung Chook

2016-03-25_16-03-13_953The mushrooms, products from Suan Lung Chook

P_20160624_144543The spiny bitter gourds, products from Suan Lung Chook

2015-10-30_15-11-03_682The young coconuts, products from Suan Lung Chook

It is a nice place for Agro-tourism. It is a good recreation place. I have always visit their farm in the afternoon on Friday. I enjoy to taste the young coconuts. They are fresh and so sweet from its tree. The young coconut price only 10 bht. It is very cheap. I am a good customer of them. I have always bought their products some vegetables, young coconuts, guavas, papayas and everything they have.

P_20170509_142947The vegetables area after harvested.

2015-10-16_14-06-41_610A young coconut for tasting, without pay

111The sunchoke, flowers in Suan Lung Chook

112The laurel clockvine, flowers in Suan Lung Chook

122The orchid, flowers in Suan Lung Chook

147The brinjal, flowers in Suan Lung Chook

136The tamarind blossoms, flowers in Suan Lung Chook

2015-08-28_15-26-02_982The bee and the yellow cosmos, flowers in Suan Lung Chook


The baya, flowers in Suan Lung Chook

2015-09-18_14-22-00_962The Chinese Rose, rosa mallow, flowers in Suan Lung Chook

2016-02-19_15-28-04_663The Purple Shamrock, flowers in Suan Lung Chook

2016-02-05_13-47-57_747The Butterfly Pea, flowers in Suan Lung Chook

2016-03-25_15-59-20_319The golden shower, flowers in Suan Lung Chook

2016-01-08_14-12-34_375The Common Palmfly, butterfly in Suan Lung Chook

2016-01-08_15-27-08_962The Black Rajah, butterfly in Suan Lung Chook

P_20160722_145713The Common Tiger, butterfly in Suan Lung Chook

2015-11-13_15-10-35_397The Common Five-ring, butterfly in Suan Lung Chook

2015-11-13_15-08-11_452The Pale Hedge Blue, butterfly in Suan Lung Chook

2015-10-23_10-30-35_973 The great owl moth, butterfly in Suan Lung Chook

P_20160902_153546The Common glassy tiger, butterfly in Suan Lung Chook

P_20160519_144555_BFThe Mantis shrimp and the banana in Suan Lung Chook

P_20161111_145158Tent caterpillar (Lasiocampidae), a life circle before becomes a beautiful night butterfly. in Suan Lung Chook.

P_20170407_144635Sometimes Lung Chook catches the fishes from the canal of their farm.

P_20170407_143351Some fishes from their farm

I will write the Butterflies story soon. Hope you enjoy recreation in Suan Lung Chook, the farm in the city.

Everyone!!! Who gets a plan to visits Thailand and requires a traveling plans, please send text to me on Contact.  I will give you a traveling plan and a free copy of Tout Thai Hi-Way Map 77 Provinces!!!



37 thoughts on “Suan Lung Chook…The Farm in the City

  1. Thanks for sharing the story about Suan Lung Chook, Khun Natkritta. I would like to visit this place when we are in Bangkok later this year. How do we get there? Are there tour companies offer the tour? Thanks.

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    1. You are welcome! You can take a BTS to Bang Wa Station then take a boat to Kanchanaphisek Pier. From this pier you can walk or take a motorbike taxi to Suan Lung Chook. Please let me know when you visit it. I will send a map to you again. Thank you so much that you are interesting in it. 🙂

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  2. A fascinating post / urban farming communities on the edge of a populous city and a busy waterway makes for sustainable food solutions 😎 Amazing variety of goods too. Nature looks as though it thrives there with fabulous vegetation and interesting butterflies / moths.

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