Bangkok…The Grand Palace

I have visited the Grand Palace many times. It is in the same area of the Wat Phra Kaeo. I  have sometimes visited the Wat Phra Kaeo without visited the Grand Palace. I the other way I have visited the Grand Palace without visited the Wat Phra Kaeo. By the way, the both places are still appreciated to visit again and again if you love to look around the everything arts and architecture with circumspectly.

The Grand Palace is the most famous for the tourist. It used to be the king’s residence since the King Rama I – the King Rama V.  It was built in the reign of the King Rama I. The palace is located on the east bank of the Chao Phraya River. Its space is about 306 sq. m. It was a center of administration of the kings in the beginning of the Chakkri Reign. In the middle reign of King Rama V, he was built up the new palace and moved to the new palace. Then the King Rama VI and VII just temporary stayed here. The King Rama VIII was the late king who stayed at the Borom Phiman Pavilion, a building is stand on the south of the Wat Phra Kaeo until he was killed. After that nobody stay here anymore.

Nowadays It is used for the royal ceremonies. Anyway it is the most attractive tourist spot. If you visit Thailand the place you don’t miss is here, the Grand Palace and the Wat Phra Kaeo.

GrandPalaceThe Map of the Grand Palace and the Wat Phra Kaeo, thank you for map database OpenstreetMap

This trip I walked from the Wat Phra Kaeo. I walked through the south gate of the Wat Phra Kaeo. When I past the gate of the Wat Phra Kaeo I saw a royal guard of the left. He was the guard of the Borom Phiman Pavilion. The tourist does not allow to visit inside the building. The gate is closed. the tourist can see it from the gate and permit to take a photo from the gate.

P_20160630_150856The Borom Phiman Pavilion, the King Rama VIII was the late king who stayed here.

P_20160630_150911The royal guard at the gate of the Borom Phiman Pavilion

From the Borom Phiman Pavilion I walked to the right. I past the Ammarindra Wiitchai Pavilion. I did not stop here because of crowd. Yes, the most tourists were the Chinese. Chinese is everywhere.

P_20160630_151203The Ammarindra Winitchai Pavilion 

The Chinese Guardian in front of the Amarindra Winitchai Pavilion 

P_20160630_151619The Amarindra Winitchai Pavilion and Phaisal Thaksin Pavilion 

11745499_935457573178525_2155495336820144527_nThe Chakkri Maha Prasat Pavilion

The Chakkri Maha Prasat Pavilion is the most highlight of the Grand Palace. This building is used for celebration of the royal ceremony such as celebrate the reign of the king, the royal marriage. The royal family will appear at the balcony.  The king and the queen will swing the hands to the people.  Once I saw this picture very long time ago. It was the marriage celebration of the present king, King Rama X.

P_20160630_151558The Chakkri Maha Prasat Pavilion

P_20170216_191352The Chakkri Maha Prasat Pavilion and the Dusit Maha Prasat Pavilion

The Grand Palace is closed after 16.00 pm. It is opened at night only sometimes when there is a ceremony. This photo I shot when I went to prostrate the late king, the King Rama IX. He was a great king and we, Thais all appreciate his performances.

P_20160630_152101The Dusit Maha Prasat Pavilion

The Dusit Maha Prasat Pavilion is the place where the late king was stayed for royal funeral ceremony

P_20170216_191612The Dusit Maha Prasat Pavilion

P_20160630_152313The Chakkri Maha Prasat Pavilion, viewed from the Dusit Maha Prasat Pavilion

P_20160630_152448The Dusit Maha Prasat Pavilion

The last stop of mine was the Dusit Maha Prasat Pavilion. After that I walked back to the Chakkri Maha Prasat and turned left at the Phiman Chai Si Gate. I walked through the entrance gate at the Na Phra Lan Road.

P_20170216_191259The Phiman Chai Si Gate

P_20170723_121511The Grand Palace view from the Chao Phraya River

Wait and see my next attractive places in the area Rattana Kosin Island, Bangkok. See you soon.

Everyone!!! Who gets a plan to visits Thailand and requires a traveling plans, please send text to me on Contact.  I will give you a traveling plan and a free copy of Tout Thai Hi-Way Map 77 Provinces!!!


6 thoughts on “Bangkok…The Grand Palace

  1. The last time we were in Bangkok just in February it was so crowded with folks wanting to give their respects. So we did not go to the Grand Palace. Definitely on our list to do when we get to Bangkok again

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    1. Yes, I see. There are crowed everyday. The most of them are Chinese. The last time I’ve visited the Wat Phra Kaeo on February. An activity I’ve doneม I help a tourist guide kept some garbage of the most tourist those let them in front of the the Ubosot Wat Phra Kaeo. They left some tissue those they cleaned their feet after went out from the Ubosot. They would like their clean feet. 😛

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, that’s the issue. The crowds! But as you said it is always full of people. It did not help that it was the lunar new year and so many tourists (like us) were in Bangkok!

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  2. I have a cousin who lives part time in Thailand. I tell him he’s natural born Thai. He says it’s so weird to come back to the states. He loves it over there. We have to get around seeing to him. His pics are torture – they are like looking at National Geographic.

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