The Aged

How do you feel when you found the aged earns for life? Someone works because of necessity.  Someone works because of diligent. Anyway both of them are touched my heart.


She sale a small fishes to the tourists for making merit at the Bridge over the River Kwai, Kanchanburi. She sat in a shadow with her goods. It was a cloudy day. I hoped that her fishes were still fine in a small plastic bags. I noticed that nobody bought her goods. They might be think the fishes was tortured. It is a wrong way of making merit. Yes, I think like that.


I found her buy these handicrafts at the Amphawa Floating Market, Samut Songkhram a province in Central Thailand. She walked without the shoes on the heat concrete in the late afternoon. Yes, she could buy them because the tourist liked to help her.  She could not step normally. She seemed to get sick with paralysis. Anyway she was a diligent and she could do. I respected her painstaking.


She bought many the Thai desserts. I found her every time I have visited the Amphawa Floating Market. The mistake of mine that I have never tasted her sweets because of sugar ignorance. Anyway she bought quite well.


I met her on my trip to Kanchanaburi. She was a happy old lady. She was very nice. She always got a smile on her face. She told me that she get on the train from Nakhon Pathom to meet her daughter at Kanchanaburi. She always traveled alone by train. She loved to do that.


I met this snack seller in front of the Viharn Luang Pho To, Wat Pa Lelai a famous temple in the Suphan Buri Province. She sold boiled peanuts. She had to shoulder these 2 basket. I estimated the weight of these 2 basket more than 30 kg. Overload for an old woman? I don’t know but me and the most of tourists bought her boiled peanuts. That was good for her. While I was writing her story I was eating her boiled peanuts.

The five of the aged I met made me some feelings. By the way, I live in a country that the social welfare is not too good. Though these scenes are just a little sympathy. There are many the aged who are leaved alone. I hope that this problem will be better soon. Although the aged era is coming soon.

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